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You’ve probably seen the picture of George Washington crossing the Delaware River.

The wind is blowing. He has an army behind him. He’s got his leg propped up on the boat like a conqueror.

He looks like the most bad-ass person of all time.

But that wasn’t Washington’s most daring move. Not by a long shot.

In Washington’s time disease killed more soldiers than all the bullets and cannonballs in the world.

Infections like smallpox spread quickly in camps and could take out a whole army before they even went to battle.

And in the winter of 1778 (just before he crossed the Delaware) Washington decided he’d had enough of smallpox.

So he had his entire army inoculated.


He exposed every one of his men to smallpox so they would build up an immunity. But he had no idea if it would work or wipe out every soldier he had.

Plus, if the British found out that his entire army was sick with smallpox they could attack and crush the weak soldiers.

But it did work and Washington won the war and founded America.

If you want to do something great, you’re going to have to do some gutsy things.

But if you’ve got the guts then you’ll be rewarded ten times over just like Washington was.

For example, do you earn a six-figure income from your day job?

Will you ever?

If not, you’re going to have to make some ballsy moves.

You’re going to have try something most people are not willing to try.

Here’s where you get started…



Jacques van Niekerk

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